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Great Movie Experience

You know you are watching a pretty good movie, if not a great one, when the movie got complete attention of you and most other people in the theatre. It happened when we were watching WALL-E, closer to the end of the movie, when the female robot EVE had tried everything to fix WALL-E and […]

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What sets man apart from animals

I somehow found myself reading Roger Ebert’s review of a 1985 movie called Shoah. It is a documentary movie that is 9 hours long (if you can call that a movie.) It is mostly about the filmmaker interviewing people who worked in Hitler’s Concentration Camps (or people who were in position of observing what happened) […]

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I heard this song called “Perfect”, by Alanis Morissette this past Sunday (at church, of all places), and the last line of the song is “We’ll love you just the way you are if you’re perfect.” Many Asian kids can relate to this song because it is about how parents push theirs kids to be […]

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