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The Way of Love: Follows

Psalm 139:1-6, NRSV
John 1:35-51, NRSV


What would happen if we left our comfortable vantage points, and dared to believe that just maybe, we have been limited and hasty in our original certainties about each other, about God, and about the world? To “come and see” is to approach all of life with a grace-filled curiosity, to believe that we are holy mysteries to each other, worthy of further exploration. To “come and see” is to enter into the joy of being deeply seen and deeply known, and to have the very best that lies hidden within us called out and called forth.

— Debi Thomas, Journey with Jesus

  • To refuse to name evil in specifics, is to allow it to grow exponentially
  • “The most needed theological correction for American evangelicals at the moment is to learn to see America not as a kind of biblical Israel, but as a kind of biblical Babylon” – Brian Zahnd
  • Jesus’ invitation, challenge


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