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When Things Fall Apart: Turn

Matthew 25:1-13, NRSV


“The fragile human world will one day be caught up into the endless glory of God and will be held securely in God’s hands forever. But this is not a moment that has arrived in all its fullness in our history. We know about the promise because of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection.

The new life that God as brought into being after the worst of human injustice and pain. But what this means is not an instant triumphant conclusion to history, but a fresh commitment to work in light of the promise we have glimpsed, confident that what we do has meaning because it is at one with the purposes of God.

— Rowan Williams

  • Wise girls and Foolish girls
  • Pattern of life: being prepared, being attentive, being mindful
  • Christian faith is constant turning to God
  • Individually we cannot rely on casual spirituality
  • we need to prepare the oil for ourselves, especially in these times of darkness
  • Doors do close, do not wait until tomorrow
  • Keep your lamps trimmed and burning / keep your lamps trimmed and burning / keep your lamps trimmed and burning / For the Time is drawing nigh. — African American Spiritual


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