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The God of All Consolation

2 Corinthians 1:1-11, NRSV


It is not that suffering or failure might happen, or that i will only happen to you if you are bad (which is what religious people often think), or that it will happen to the unfortunate, or to a few in other places, or that you can somehow by cleverness or righteousness avoid it. No, it will happen, and to you!
… Because the rational mind cannot process love or suffering, it tends to either avoid them, deny them, or blame somebody for them, when in fact they are the greatest spiritual teachers of all, if we but allow them.

— Richard Rohr, Falling Upward

  • Consolation
  • Comfort
  • Strengthening
  • One person being with another
  • God is the source of all blessings

  • Don’t practice suffering alone
  • Case of being in Community:
  • C.S. Lewis laments about in losing a friend, he also loses a side of another friend because of the effect
  • In the same way, we see more of Jesus when we are in community, so others can be tool of consolation

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