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Sermon Series: Welcome of Resurrection
Strugglers Welcome

Luke 24:13-35, NRSV


Emmaus is whatever we do or wherever we go to make ourselves forget that the world holds nothing sacred… where we spend much of our lives, you and I, the place that we go to in order to escape — a bar, a movie, wherever it is that we throw up our hands and say, “Let the whole damned thing go hang. It makes no difference anyway.” But there are some things that even in Emmaus we cannot escape. We can escape our troubles, at least for a while. We can escape the job we did not get or the friend we hurt. We can even escape for a while the awful suspicion that life makes no sense and that the religion of Jesus is just a lot of wishful thinking. But the one thing we cannot escape is life itself… Emmaus is where we go when we think the world ends with crucifixion.

— Frederick Buechner,
The Magnificent Defeat

  • How we miss Jesus
  • v21 – “We had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel”
  • We caught up in despair and sadness, and not recognize Jesus

  • How we find Jesus
  • To retell the greater story that is big enough to hold our expectations as well as our disappointments

  • How we follow Jesus
  • First by listening to that story, in the midst of pain and confusion
  • Then retell the stories
  • Be in community, share meal together

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