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Sermon Series: Welcome of Resurrection
Weepers Welcome

John 20: 10-18, NRSV
Psalm 56:8, NRSV


Tears are a biological gift of God. They are a physical means for expressing emotional and spiritual experience. But it is hard to know what to do with them. If we indulge our tears, we cultivate self-pity. If we suppress our tears, we lose touch with our feelings. But if we pray our tears we enter into sadnesses that integrate our sorrows with our Lord’s sorrows and discover both the source of and the relief from our sadness.

— Eugene H. Peterson
Psalms: Prayers of the Heart

  • Pain
  • Mary in deep sorrow, deep pain
  • How you deal with loss sets course of direction of your life
  • With loss, we change at the fork: if we don’t transform the pain, we transmit the pain to others

  • Grace
  • To know that you are known by God and loved by God

  • Mission
  • When we have seen and experienced God’s grace, we become conduits of that grace to others

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