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Jesus is what God has to say

Mark 9:2-9, NRSV


Jesus is the true and living Word of God. Jesus is what the Law and Prophets point toward and bow to. Jesus is what the Old Testament was trying to say, but could never fully articulate. Jesus is the perfect Word of God in the form of a human life. God couldn’t say all he wanted to say in the form of a book, so he said it in the form of Jesus. Jesus is what God has to say!
The Law and the Prophets were the lesser lights in the pre-Christ night sky. They were the moon and stars. Israel could grope forward by their soft light; the Hebrews could navigate through the emanating from the Torah and the Prophets made all the difference.
But with Christ, morning has broken, the new day has dawned, the sun of righteousness has risen with healing in its rays. Now the moon and the stars, Moses and Elijah, the Law and the Prophets are eclipsed by the full glory of God in Christ!

— Brian Zahnd

  • Jesus being the spokesperson

  • Why is the meeting with Moses and Elijah called?
  • Moses represents the law
  • Elijah represents the prophets

  • Why does it matter to me?
  • Showing us God’s trustworthiness, God’s love

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