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Jesus: Healing with Resurrection Power

Mark 5:21-43, NRSV
Psalm 131, NRSV


Just as Jesus wasn’t coming to be a one-man liberation movement in the traditional revolutionary sense, so he wasn’t coming to be a one-man emergency medical centre. He was indeed starting a revolution, and he was indeed bringing God’s healing power, but his aim went deeper; these things were signs of the real revolution, the real healing, that God was to accomplish through his death and resurrection. Signposts are important, but they aren’t the destination.

— N.T. Wright,
Mark for Everyone

  • Jesus’ timing is not your timing
  • It always feels slow
  • It seems God doesn’t care

  • Jesus’ agenda is not your agenda
  • When He asked “who touch me,” He is to recognize the woman, who is not well-regarded

  • Jesus’ tenderness is what makes people trust Him

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