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Birthed Into Mission

Hosea 13:13, NRSV
John 3:1-10, 16-17, NRSV


Just as we are invited to step into the worship of the Trinity in which the Son glorifies the Father in the Spirit, so we are called to share in the mission of the Trinity in which the Father sends the Son by the power of the Spirit to redeem the world. The word “mission” is derived from the Latin verb for sending. The Church is missionary because it is sent by the God who sends his Son. The Church does not have a choice about being involved in mission any more than it has a choice about being involved in worship. Worship and mission belong to the very being of the Church. We cannot be otherwise than a worshipping community and a missionary people because we have been adopted into the life of God. God’s life is a life of worship overflowing into a life of mission.

— Christopher Cocksworth
Holy, Holy, Holy

  • Rebirth is messy but also glorious and beautiful
  • Rebirth into mission, into the city

  • Rebirth and keep renewing
  • Mission is fuel of discipleship
  • “crummy music freaks people out”

  • Rebirth teaches God’s agenda, for us to be more Christ-like

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