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Power that Crushes and Power that Heals

1 Kings 12:1-17, 25-29, NRSV
Mark 10:42-45, NRSV


Whatever controls us is our lord. The person who seeks power is controlled by power. The person who seeks acceptance is controlled by the people he or she wants to please. We do not control ourselves. We are controlled by the lord of our lives… The only way to free ourselves from the destructive influence of counterfeit gods is to turn back to the true one. The living God, who revealed himself both at Mount Sinai and on the Cross, is the only Lord who, if you find him, can truly fulfill you, and, if you fail him, can truly forgive you.

— Tim Keller
Counterfeit Gods

  • Fear makes us panic, frantic, over-reach for power
  • Fear drives us to make bad decision, to behave we are not proud of

  • Reacting to fear or responding with trust?
  • William D. Eisenhower – Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but love from the Lord is its completion.

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