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The Unique Tenacity of Christian Community

Romans 14:1-13, NRSV


Paul derives strenuous tolerance not from a soft theory of moral relativism or a pragmatic adjustment to pluralistic reality…but rather from the action of God in Christ.

— Robert Jewett
Christian Tolerance: Paul’s Message to the Modern Church

  • Fire and religion are alike, could be a great good, and a great harm
  • Sources of disagreement: Historical, Religions, Moral
  • Often 2 Options: tolerance, or strong conviction but intolerance
  • Paul, as Saul, had been the one with strong conviction, little tolerance
  • Then Paul has vision of inclusion
  • Costly tolerance
  • Disputable Matters – let each hold their own conviction
  • God is more concerned with how we handle disagreement
  • It is like parents are more concerned with kids getting along, than ruling every dispute
  • Honor each other’s best intention
  • It is more important to accept each other’s conviction over disagreement

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