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The Story of God: Hosanna

Matthew 21:1-17, NRSV


Each Sunday is Palm Sunday. Every Sunday we tell the story, remembering the Kingdom of Heaven. Remembering its cost. Remembering its promise. Processing down to the table. Telling the old stories — remembering, rehearsing, doing the theatre. Without the story we are lost. God is nothing but an idea. But Palm Sunday — every Sunday — is our trust marching live into the world and embodying The Kingdom of Heaven.

— Andrew Prior

  • Clash of Hosanna:
  • Saving us with by whom? Romans? Religious Rituals?
  • “Peace” arriving in a donkey
  • Cleansing of Temple
  • Cleansing at personal level, when you follow the story, with God took an unexpected turn, outside of the parade of marching band

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