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The Story of God: Fulfillment

Matthew 2:13-23, NRSV


If there’s one thing that comes through in every bit of the Christmas story, it’s that if you are a smart, sophisticated person and you insist only smart, sophisticated people have the truth, you’re not going to be much of a Christian. Maybe you’ll never become a Christian at all, but you certainly won’t be much of a Christian till you get over it. Jesus Christ, the gospel, Christmas, turns the world’s idea of success upside down.
All during Jesus’ life, the apostles and the disciples keep saying to him, “Jesus, when are you going to take power and save the world?” Jesus keeps saying, “I’m going to lose power to save the world.” They go, “Lord, when are you going to take power and save the world?” They don’t get it. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Absolutely.

— Timothy Keller
from a sermon preached in 1996

  • Putting “Herod” back in Christmas
  • A sobering situation from an insecure king
  • 3 scenes in the scripture
  • Fleeing out
  • Homeless refuge from murderous king
  • Lowest status possible, marginalized, outcast
  • Inner feeling of homelessness; let Jesus be our home
  • Violence, injustice, pain
  • But God is still here
  • Herod the king is dead
  • Jesus the true king lives on

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