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Series: The Ten Commandments
The Sixth Commandment:
Sacred Life, Sacred Love

Exodus 20:13, NRSV
Matthew 5:21-24, NRSV
Romans 13:8-10, NRSV


An ambassador is the official representative of her government; in a sense she bears the image of her nation. Now imagine that a foreign government seizes the ambassador and kills her. That wouldn’t simply be murder of a single human being; it would also be an act of war against the government the ambassador represents. In a similar way, one person’s murdering another person is an act of war against God. It is an attempt to murder God by killing one who bears his image.

— Timothy Peck

  • SF City Hall Wednesdays 9:30pm Violence Prevention
  • “Life after Murder” by Nancy Mullane at City Arts & Lectures
  • Murderers at the lecture
    • learn to dignify their victims
    • remorseful, repentant
    • their lives with victims are interlocked forever
  • Grace and redemption for Moses, and to have him to deliver the commandments
  • David Brooks’ NYT article: When the Good do Bad
  • Students at University of Texas writing essays about their murder fantasy
  • We are have rage/anger with murderous thoughts
  • We dehumanize others, as is the case in WWII calling Jews rats, in Rwandan Genocide Tutsi cockroaches
  • We kill one another with hatred
  • You know are you in faith community when we hurt each other, knowingly or not, but we also reconcile with each other

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