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Series: The Ten Commandments
The Fourth Commandment: Rest for the Restless

Hebrews 4:1-11, NRSV
Exodus 20:8-11, NRSV


Sabbath is the cornerstone of faithful freedom. Such faithful practice of work stoppage is an act of resistance. It declares in bodily ways that we will not participate in the anxiety system that pervades our social environment. We will not be defined by busyness and by acquisitiveness and by pursuit of more, in either our economics or our personal relations or anywhere in our lives. Because our life does not consist in commodity.

— Walter Brueggermann

  • Breath-taking speed/pace in the cities, in technology
  • People likes to talk about how busy the are
  • Anxiety-driven society
  • Our relationship with work and rest
    • need for rest
    • picture of rest
    • invitation to live in rest
  • We believe everything is up to us
  • We harm ourselves, do violence to ourselves when we don’t rest; just as bad as harming others
  • God rest because He is satisfied, not because He is tired
  • Not working does not mean rest
  • Where do you find rest? Find God’s delight, picture of rest

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