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Lenten Sermon Series: Everyday Spirituality
Everyday Discipleship

Luke 9:18-27, 51-62, NRSV


The essential and primary invitation is to join God. We do this through becoming a disciple of Jesus who includes us in his own relationship with the Father. This is much more than joining the church. Becoming an adherent of the church without becoming an adherent of Jesus leads almost inevitably to following followers of Jesus instead of following Jesus Himself.
— R. Paul Stevens, from
Living the Story: Biblical Spirituality for Everyday Christians

  • Because of the cross, God conquering death, there cannot be causal relationship with Jesus
    • Jesus calls everyone into His journey
    • Take up our cross daily, a daily journey, by ourselves or with community
    • Intentionally making space for Him, making room for outsiders, extending God’s love and grace
  • Are we losing ourselves to find our true self? Or are we saving ourselves only to lose ourselves?
  • Everything in our lives are unstable, except for God’s love for us
  • We call ourselves Christian, but are we on the path, on the journey to transformation?
  • Call of discipleship, is invitation to join the journey with God, journey to the cross
  • Let go of the “but first”, to join the journey and follow Jesus

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