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In Defense of Thomas

John 20:24-31, NRSV


Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.
— St. Augustine

  • Scars and wounds of our lives
  • Thomas is a sincere doubter, not cynical
    • He has his ups and downs in his faith journey; he needs to see the wound
    • His faith has been restored, and transformed
    • His title doubting Thomas is undeserving; his type of doubting is no offense to God
  • Why did Jesus not heal himself? Wounds remain in order to heal us
  • Maybe the hardest thing for us to believe is that God loves us so much
  • Our wounds have two types, one that is easy to share, one that is bleeding in our soul
    • Jesus’ wound is both physical and spiritual, of betrayal
    • Self inflicted wounds, are so shameful, we don’t tell anyone, we hide, we compensate in other areas
    • But Christ knows us all, knows our wound, our shame
  • We have to go and see the wound of the world in person, to know their wounds
  • Our faith grows when we see the needs of the wounded

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