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Looking for Love

Jeremiah 2:1-6, 10-13, 18, 20-25; 3:12, NRSV


All Desire risks disappointment or even agony. All desire can open the door to loneliness and shame. There is no person who can fill all of our emptiness. Even the best marriage or the healthiest friendship fails us at times. When we have been disappointed or shamed, we come to believe that the way to escape loneliness and shame is to rid ourselves of desire for relationships. Addiction is an attempt to escape sorrow and remake my world so that my desires are satisfied. When all I want is a bag of potato chips and a Blockbuster movie at the end of the day, I don’t have to live in the tension of desire for anything more.
— Sharon Hersh

  • What makes God angry? Or what grieves God?
  • By forming alliances with Egypt and Assyria, Israel is moving away from God
  • Addiction is a coping mechanism to our empty disappointment, and anger
  • Love is calling us back

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