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The Earth Shall Be Filled

Habakkuk 2:12-14, NRSV


How can the waters cover the sea? They are the sea. It looks as though God intends to flood the universe with himself, as though the universe, the entire cosmos, was designed as a receptacle for his love. We might even suggest, as part of a Christian aesthetic, that the world is beautiful not just because it hauntingly reminds us of its creator but also because it is pointing forward: it is designed to be filled, flooded, drenched in God, as a chalice is beautiful not least because of what we know it is designed to contain or as a violin is beautiful not least because we know the music of which it is capable.
— N.T. Wright, from
Surprised by Hope

  • Magic Ruined
  • Why is God tolerating wrong?
  • The righteous shall live by faith
    • How to be right with God? Those who know and believe only God can put things right in the end?
    • How do you live b faith when things are hard?
  • See the glory of the Lord now
    • Glory can be right in front of you and you get distracted by shadows
    • The cross destroys despair and pride, with that you can see the glory of God
  • See the promise, the future (v14)
    • Faith is the ability to see the vision of the future
    • Going from the despair in the present to the glory of God in the future

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