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Filled with the Spirit

Ephesians 5:15-21, NRSV


However much we may wish it otherwise, when we receive the Spirit at conversion, divine perfection does not set in, but divine “infection” does! We have been invaded by the living God himself, in the person of his Spirit, whose goal is to infect us thoroughly with God’s own likeness.
— Gordon D. Fee, from
God’s Empowering Presence

  • How does it look when one is filled with the Spirit?
  • What is Being filled with the Spirit?
    • On-going invasion of God into your life
    • Put forth effort to cultivate with the Holy Spirit
    • Continuously believe and trust in God
    • Nature of Spirit is progressive, not instant
    • We “pastor” each other, with the Spirit
  • What is it bringing to our lives?
    • Debauchery (v18) is to be spilled, to be wasted
    • instead of being wasted by being drunk, we are being in control, in balance
    • instead of being away from reality, we are reminded of the reality, and to gain courage
  • Being ungrateful, however subtle, is arguably the worst sin

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