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Lenten Sermon Series: Songs of Lent
Authentic Gratitude

Psalm 107:1-3; 17-22, NRSV


Gratitude… is a response to grace. The compassionate life is a grateful life, and actions born out of gratefulness are not compulsive but free, not somber but joyful, not fanatical but liberating.
— Henri Nouwen

  • pain, loss, brokenness still exist when gratitude is based on circumstances, comparison with others
  • gratitude needs to be in both best of life and challenges in life
  • Gratitude vs. Envy (ignoring God’s goodness to you, suspicious of God’s goodness)
  • Authentic Gratitude:
    • Basis (v.1) It is based on His steadfast love; God rescues time after time
    • Cycle (v.17-20)
      • Being in distress, then crying out to God, intervention by God, then giving thanks
      • God pursues you -> God loves you
    • Response (v.21-22)
      • being joyful
      • worship
      • mission: blessing to others

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