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Lenten Sermon Series: Songs of Lent
Authentic Trust

Psalm 25:1-10, NRSV


A moment of conscious triumph makes one feel that after this nothing will really matter; a moment of realized diaster makes one feel that this is the end of everything. But neither feeling is realistic, for neither event is really what it is felt to be. The circumstances of triumph will not last, and the moment of triumph will sooner or later give way to moments of disappointment, strain, frustration, and grief, while the circumstances of disaster will prove to have in them seeds of recovery and new hope. Life in this world under God’s providence is like that; it always has been, and always will be; it is so in the Bible, and it remains so as the twentieth century gives way to the twenty-first. The mature person, who is mentally and emotionally an adult as distinct from a child, knows this and does not forget it.
— J.I. Packer, from
A Passion for Faithfulness

  • Lent
    • re-orienting your life
    • authentic and honest interaction with God
  • Waiting on God
    • always being mocked (troubled from outside)
    • self doubt, self loath (troubled from within)
    • constructive waiting: remember God’s character, mercy, love
    • gratitude driven waiting, not result-driven
  • Not just wait, pursue as well
    • pursuit of God
    • trained by practice (prayer, community)
    • not be passive
  • Rely on God’s Character
    • remember God’s steadfast love, mercy, history

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