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The Light Has Dawned

Matthew 4:12-23, NRSV


The ants know the formula for their ant heap; the bee knows the formula for his hive (they may not know it in human terms, but they know it in their own way and it is enough); human do not know their formula.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky
A Writer’s Diary: 1877-1881

  • How to find the light in the darkness
  • Darkness confuses us, lead us to sin, to violence
  • With emotional and spiritual darkness, we have freedom to mess up (as described by Dostoyevsky)
  • How to welcome the light, the dawn
    • Repent – change direction, rethink the way to light darkness
    • Hearing the proclamation (v17)
    • Following the teacher (v19)
    • Reflect on scriptures; Bible, a way to receive the light
    • Not just the knowledge, but also through fellowship

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