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An Epiphany for a Watching World

Matthew 2:1-12, NRSV


It’s not just the saints and poets who ‘realize life’ while they live it. It is anyone who wants to see God. A God who does not go into hiding. A God for whom the game of hide and seek has to do with us who hide, with him who seeks, who speaks, who shows up.
— Timothy Jones
Awake My Soul

  • Epiphany – revelation of Jesus
  • New Year Resolution – something’s gotta be changed
  • The passage is not so much about behavior change, but more about the encounter, the meeting of Three Wise Men with new born baby Jesus
    • Recognize Christ as the true King
      • How people recognize Christ?
      • How the Three Wise Men, who are foreigners/outsiders, recognize Christ?
    • Worship Christ as the true King (v.11)
    • Follow Christ as the true King
      • This encounter changed the Three Wise Men’s lives
      • Taking the road less traveled
      • To be Epiphany of Christ, of the Church

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