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Finding Faith

Luke 17:11-19, NRSV


When Christians affirm, as they do, that Jesus is the way, the true and living way by whom we come to the Father (John 16:4), they are not claiming to know everything. They are claiming to be on the way, and inviting others to join them as they press forward toward the fullness of truth, toward the day when we shall know as we have been known.
— Lesslie Newbigin
The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

  • Looking for authentic, life-changing experience
  • First step of faith:
    • Is He real? (You’ll never find out if you keep your distance and not calling for Him)
    • Am I worthy? Even if He is real
  • Spiritual Envy: An Agnostic’s Quest
  • The more messed-up you are, the more likely you will receive Jesus’ grace and mercy
  • Life of Faith
    • we might struggle on our path
    • we might forget how loved we are
    • we might forget how blessed we are
    • we move on, and we lose the power of praise (Luke 17:15)

One Response to “Unintelligible Sunday Notes (10/10/10)”

  1. Kwong Yee says:

    According to News From Lake Wobegon, same scripture was used that Sunday at their Lutheran church (although the message was a little different)