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The Gentleness of Jesus

John 8:2-11, NRSV


In the person of Christ do meet together infinite majesty and infinite meekness. These are two qualifications that meet together in no other person but Christ. It is he that is terrible out of his holy place; who is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea: before whom a fire goeth; at whose presence the earth quakes, and the hills melt; whose eyes are as a flame of fire, and of whose dominion there is no end. And yet he was the most marvelous instance of meekness, and humble quietness of spirit that ever was; when he was reviled, he reviled not again; he had a wonderful spirit of forgiveness, was ready to forgive his worst enemies, and prayed from them with fervent effectual prayers. Thus is Christ a lion in majesty, and a lamb in meekness.
— Jonathan Edwards

  • Meekness/gentleness being played out in this passage/li>
  • Problem of religion; condemnation, belittle, looking down, acting superior
    • it is human nature to condemn others, but it’s not just in religion, it’s everywhere in today’s culture, in politics
    • We are prone to condemn others, destroy others
  • Jesus’ approach of humility
    • Gentleness and bravery at the same time, with patience
    • Keeping poise, tenderness and toughness at the same time
    • Lion and the Lamb
    • Forgiving but not tolerating
  • Application:
    • New Approachability: dealing with criticism/advice
      • Not to be devastated, not to be indifferent
      • Not to be inflexible, not to be totally flexible for appraisal
      • To measure approachability, “Do ‘messed-up’ people like you?”
    • New Patience:
      • God loves us, but we don’t necessarily see it right the way
      • In the same way, we can love others, and we don’t need them to see that right the way

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