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Creating a Culture of Grace

Luke 6:37-42, NRSV


Not long ago, I was asked by a college student how I could stand to go to church, how I could stand the hypocrisy of Christians. I had one of my rare inspirations, when I know the right thing to say, and I replied, “The only hypocrite I have to worry about on Sunday morning is myself.”
— Kathleen Norris The Cloister Walk

  • We want a culture of Grace, not a culture of judging, not a culture of making the right choice
  • By default we think it is other people’s problem/issue first
  • Is our church a place that fill with grace, care, and humility?
  • More often than not, church is a place that condemn sinners
  • The passage is not saying that we stop making moral/value judgment
  • but stop being self-righteous, arrogant, judgemntalism, seeing crystal clear of other’s problem
  • We must know that we
    • all have nature blindness spiritually (v42)
      • People in village close to death camp in WWII
      • “We know it but we don’t know it”
      • how humanity was suppressed
    • always in denial
    • need to remember the gospel before addressing people around us
      • “I have the log that I must get rid of”
      • Gospel fills with stories of disciples falling short, but they do not gloss over these details
      • Enable a community of grace when we confront our problem of being a hypocrite
  • Jesus’ job – to love us; our job – to love each other

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