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The Primacy of Community

John 17:1-3, 20-26, NRSV


Love cannot exist in isolation: away from others, love bloats into pride. Grace cannot be received privately: cut off from others, it is perverted into greed. Hope cannot develop in solitude: separated from the community, it goes to seed in the form of fantasies. No gift, no virtue can develop and remain healthy apart from the community of faith. “Outside the church there is no salvation is not ecclesiastical arrogance but spiritual common sense, confirmed in everyday experience.
— Eugene Peterson Reversed Thunder

  • The fall of man and the broken world
    • Devil’s strategy: divide and conquer
      • breaks the relationship between us and God
      • not focusing on Gods glory, but our own glory
  • 3 things happen when are part of community
    • Heals our soul
    • Persuade us and the watching world about God
      • that we call Jesus our Lord
      • that we give up our lives, lose control of our lives
      • when we come together, we overcome the bias of disbelief
    • Roots our identity
      • Garrison’s Lake Wobegon story “Our Lydia”: label on the picture frame shows the identity of the daughter to her parents

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