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Sermon Series: Living Out the Resurrection

Psalm 1, NRSV

  • Meditation
    • empty out your mind
    • fill your mind with scripture, thinking of all the implications
  • 5 P’s
    1. Place of meditation
      • between reading scriptures and prayers (obviously I don’t meditate enough to lead to prayers)
      • meditating is like preaching to yourself
    2. Promise
      • that you will be happy
      • but it’s deeper, as in “blessed”, with foundation, rooted, stability
    3. Preparation of meditation
      • who do you listen to
      • who do you belong to
    4. Practice
      • read scriptures
      • keep journal
      • I.D.A.
        • Informative
        • Directive
        • Affective
    5. Puzzle
      • (enjoy it like a puzzle?)
      • (puzzle like a mystery?)

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