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Michaelskirche on Neuhauser Strasse

During our lunch on the third day, our last day in Munich, Vincent suggested him and Naomi to do some more city tour, as I continue visiting the art museum we were in. (So it took him 3 days to notice this light bulb…) Actually Vincent understands that I was determined to visit this art museum, but he also felt he had not spend enough time to get to know Munich, even though we had been crossing the city a few times, going to different attractions.

In the original plan, I did have reserve some more time for walking around the old town on the third day. But since we did not went to all the museums we planned for the second day, I thought I would rather to visit the museums than touring the city. So we agreed to meet up in the Old Town around 6pm. So for that afternoon, Vincent and Naomi spent some time visiting the Englischer Garten (or the English Garden.) It’s a nice big park with some interesting landmarks (one of the more famous is the Chinese Tower.) They also visited a couple churches, and climbed the St. Peter’s Tower. (They got some nice shots of Old Town Munich from above.)

As for me, it turned out that I needed only an hour and half to finish my visit of the art museum. So I did a little bit of city walk myself. I walked by a major shopping area, pedestrian-only street called Neuhauser Strasse. Walking toward the Hofgarten (Court Garden), I passed by a few big churches and squares, so I think I did get a good sense of Munich. I do think that we could use another day in Munich. In the end, I guess Munich has exceeded our expectation.

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