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The last place we stayed in Germany is in the town of Fussen, just across from the famous Bavarian castles we just visited. In fact, we checked into our hotel in Fuseen before we went to see the castles. Fussen is also just 5km from the Austrian border, so it allows us to have a quick visit in Innsbruck, our first stop in Austria, the next morning.

Our hotel in general was pretty good, although some of the furnishings was a little old, but at least bathroom was newly installed. The restaurant where they serve breakfast was quite nice as well, but for dinner we went to a pretty good restaurant nearby, as recommended by a book. After dinner we did a little bit of walking around the hotel area. And that’s all we saw in Fussen.

Then the next day we started driving early to go to Innsbruck, a major Austrian city that is famous for winter sports (two Olympic Winter Games were held here.) The Old Town there is nice, and its major attraction is the Golden Roof. But we spent most of our time in another major attraction, Swarovski Crystal Gallery, Swarovski’s biggest store in the world. Both me and Vincent understand it is important for Naomi to get the gifts for her family, so we kept quiet most of the time. We ended up spending more than an hour there. It was only later that Naomi realized we had a pretty tight schedule for the rest of the day.

So shortly after our visit to the Swarovski store, we left Innsbruck. We had plans to make some more stops along the way, including our hotel check-in at Zell am See. But we decided to skip all that and headed straight to Grossglockner High Alpine Road, probably our most interesting attraction on that day. And of course we ran into some traffic jam for no good reasons. Being the driver, I tried not to lose my cool, but it got Vincent a bit miffed (first time seeing him like that.) I guess he was quite looking forward to the Alpine road. We did manage to get there to have a good Alpine road trip.

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