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You know you are watching a pretty good movie, if not a great one, when the movie got complete attention of you and most other people in the theatre. It happened when we were watching WALL-E, closer to the end of the movie, when the female robot EVE had tried everything to fix WALL-E and nothing seems to work, there was complete silence in the theatre, a theatre jam-packed with small kids, teenagers, and parents; everyone was just so intently watching. Obviously this kind of experience works the best in a full theatre (it’s kinda easy to get that in a mostly empty theatre) but it doesn’t happen for most movies.

There was another moment in the movie I remember, when WALL-E was about to enter the scene (to “save the day”); while it was nothing spectacular and little suspense of who is coming in, one kid yelled out, “it’s WALL-E!!”. It’s funny that everyone in the theatre can hear the kid so clearly, and most people including me just had to laugh. It almost felt like a community in the movie theatre.

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