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Trip 2007: Prague

Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant

Prague was the first city that we know we want to go for this trip. It ended up being the last place we visited; I guess we save the best for last, and we weren’t disappointed. It was certainly a good change of environment (away from 2 weeks of German speaking world) It is quite a pleasure just to walk around in the historic town with all those cobblestones street and red-roof baroque houses. Even though the weather were not that great, at least it wasn’t wet like Vienna, and all of us were grateful for that.

I was quite impressed by the apartment we stayed in and the company that operates the apartment. Not that it was luxury or anything, (because it was one of the cheapest we could find) but most of the things were new, and the door locks between the front gate to our apartment gave us a sense of safe and secured feeling. It is by no means an unsafe neighborhood, but it is so close to two of the major attractions there (Charles Bridge and Old Town Square) so there are lots of people walking around. In fact I can walk to Charles Bridge and Old Town Square in 5 minutes from the apartment. It allows me to go to those places early in the morning, to take some pictures with very few people around.

As for the food, it is quite similar to what we been seeing in Austria in terms of local cuisine. We did notice that most places serve some variations of Potato Garlic soup. I ordered it whenever I see it in the menu. They all make it a little differently, but all of them were good. There is also a traditional dessert I saw in quite a few places there; it is really pancakes with blueberries and ice cream (a little too sour for me). However we often skipped the dessert part for dinners; instead, we usually visited the ice cream store on the ground level of our apartment building to end our day.

Here is the list of places we visited for lunch and dinner:

  • Cafe Metamorphis (Italian/Czech, reviewed in Lonely Planet) – good in general, a little more expensive
  • Na Rybarne (Fish & Seafood, reviewed in LP) – good fish, very slow service, tricky prices in menu especially if you don’t know Czech
  • Sate (Indonesian/Malaysian, reviewed in LP) – decent food and price, close to the Castle
  • Hergetova Cihelna (International, reviewed in Frommers and LP) – just a bit more pricey, nice decor, good food, nice view of the river and Charles Bridge
  • Pizzeria Mulino – good lunch deal, just a tad smaller in portion, small extra charge for the bread and service
  • El Centro (Spanish, reviewed in LP) – good paella, average price, slow service
  • Bohemia Bagel (American Cafe, reviewed in LP) – bottomless American coffee, good price and food, good place for internet
  • Klub Architektu (International, reviewed in LP) – a little hard to find, average price, good food; there was an incredible dinner deal, but we missed it
  • Cream & Dream – our last stop everyday before going back to the apartment

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