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Weather in Toronto since I came back from the trip has been unbelievably beautiful; I wish I could say the same for my trip to Central Europe.  Unfortunately it wasn’t, especially for most of the time in Austria.  In fact my standard answer to friends who ask how my trip went go something like, “it was good, just wish we had better weather.”

But it was indeed very good; vacation is always good.  And everything basically went according to plan, everything went rather smoothly.  Especially with transportation and all those accommodations; we stayed in 7 different places across Austria, plus Germany’s Munich and Prague in Czech Republic.

The trip was 19 days long, including time on the plane.  It is one of the longest trip I ever went; definitely the longest self-guided trip.  The initial idea of the trip is to visit Prague.  And then I guess we weren’t totally comfortable visiting Eastern Europe, we looked westward, and decided to visit Austria.  And then after some shopping on airfare, Munich seemed to be a good place to start our trip.

Now that the trip is completed, the most important thing to do is to properly capture the memories of the trip, i.e. going through all the photos, posting them, and do some blogging.

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