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FAQ on my trip to Peru

  1. How did you survive your trip to Peru?
    • Contrary to mis-info circulated at church, I didn’t go on those "survivor" trip; in fact it was a "comfort" tour, we were well taken care of
  2. How long were you there for?
    • 2 weeks; of them, 2 nights were spent on the flights
  3. Did you get sick?
    • Yes, there was one day I got quite sick; stomach ache, threw up real good in a van on our way to Lake Titikaka
  4. What do you like the most about this trip?
    • Being in a totally different world, and still feel comfrotable enough in it
  5. What did you learn from this trip?
    • First thing comes to my mind, people work quite hard there, expecailly the people who help us in our tour.  And the cities there remind me of Hong Kong back in the old days, early 80’s and before, the time when people are working hard to build up their economy
  6. What Peruvian dishes did you try?
    • Guinea pig (a lot of bones, almost like pigeons), a little bit of Ceviche (raw fish "smoked" by lemon juice)
  7. Where are the pictures?
    • mostly in my hard drive.  I am slowly posting pictures to MSN Spaces.

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