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Just came back from a weekend in Blue Mountain/Collingwood area.  Although we were staying at an unit in Blue Mountain, we didn’t really spend any time in Blue Mountain.  Instead we walked around in the town of Collingwood, did some hiking in the trails along the lake, had meals in some decent restaurants (and not overpriced like the ones in Blue Mountain Village)


I like the two places we visited; I found both of them in google:


Catch 22 Fresh Market Grill: http://www.catch22grill.com/



One of us had the Smoked Salmon Pizza, which looks great; I had Ahi Tuna, but it was not as raw as I would like (still can’t compare to the one in Hawaii)  Rest of us had pasta dishes, and they were huge, even though we all ordered the half portion size.  We also shared a Dessert Sampler.  For $20, we got 8 pieces including Cheescake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding, Mayer Lemon Tart.  We were all amazed all this food given to us.  My theory is that we were the last table of the night (we didn’t start eating until 10pm) so they didn’t mind giving us extra portion.


Cafe Chartreuse: http://www.cafechartreuse.com/


I was looking for a place to have breakfast/brunch after our morning walk in Collingwood.  This cafe is on the Main Street of the town.  It’s a great looking cafe especially in the inside.  Most of us had breakfast (fried eggs/omelette/pancake)  It is a little pricey, in fact one of us said this is fine dining for lunch.  But the quiche I had was the best I ever tasted.


Sunset Point Trail: http://www.simcoecountytrails.net/RE/Files/RTE/8-collingwood.pdf


We spent both evenings in this trail for sunset; and I was able to take some nice color pictures, although there was quite a few bugs flying around me.



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