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Longer Tables, Shorter Walls: The Poor Belong

Acts 6:1-7, NRSVUE


If my sister or brother is not at the table, we are not the flesh of Christ. If my sister’s mark of sexuality must be obscured, if my brother’s mark of race must be disguised, if my sister’s mark of culture must be repressed, then we are not the flesh of Christ. For, it is through and in Christ’s own flesh that the ‘other’ is my sister, is my brother; indeed, the ‘other’ is me…

— M. Shawn Copeland, from Enfleshing Freedom

  • The establishment of the Church is re-creation of the world. But it is only in the union of all the particular members that the beauty of Christ’s Body is complete. — Gregory of Nyssa
  • Even with Pentecost, having the Holy Spirit with the apostles and leaders, there were conflicts and concerns of remembering the poor, losing sight of those in needs
  • The leadership came together and named the people to be dedicated for the ministry
  • We need to learn “apologizing to people that we care about; people with whom we want to continue to be in relationship; people who are already in our lives and with whom we have loving or caring relationships” — Mia Mingus, Leaving Evidence
  • “If we cannot handle the small things between us, how will we be able to handle the big things? Learning how to address these smaller hurts or breaks in trust, can help us learn the basic skills we need to address larger harms.”


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