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Vignettes of Hope: New Access

Acts 16:9-15, NRSV


A lot of people suggest that the Millennials and Gen Z have given up on traditional religion. I do not think that is accurate. I believe they are doing what most generations have done in their 20s and 30s – taking a break from organized religion. Some will come back when children are born. Others will not return until the arc of their life experience brings them back to recognizing the need for spiritual community.

— Paula Stone Williams, The Stages of Faith

  • We give away our freedom because we care more about belonging
  • We care more about belonging than the truth
  • There are 3 moral standards in human history
  • The oldest: there is no greater moral good than protecting integrity of our tribe
  • There is no greater moral good than obeying the teachings of gods
  • In secular America and the west, there is no greater moral good than protecting the freedom of individuals; origin from Christianity
  • We often ignore our soul and spirituality, because of our ego: power and safety
  • 6 stages of spiritual development
  • At stage 4, Doubting everything is the beginning of wisdom, and it’s terrifying
  • Retreating back to stage 3, easier to just follow the rules
  • Or stuck in stage 4, just dropping out of spirituality, and let ego taking over
  • Or moving on to stage 5, not so much in following rules, but more rooted in love


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