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Full to the Brim: Even The Stones Cry Out

Luke 19:28-40, NRSV


We people are the likes of which God came to save. God did not become human and dwell among us as Jesus to save only an improved, doesn’t make the wrong choices kind of people. There is no improved version of humanity that could have done any differently. So go ahead. Don’t wait until you think your motivations are correct. Don’t wait till you are sure you believe every single line of the Nicene creed (no one does). Don’t worry about coming to church this week for the right reasons. Just wave branches. Shout praise for the wrong reason. Eat a meal. Have your feet washed. Grab at coins. Shout Crucify him. Walk away when the cock crows. Because we, as we are and not as some improved version of ourselves…we are who God came to save. And nothing can stop what’s going to happen.

— Rev. Nadia Bolz Weber

  • Expectations are resentments under construction —Anne Lamott
  • Two kinds of people were present welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
  • Hail him and then Nail him
  • “Hail him” group of people felt being seen, even though they typically have no voice, were shouting Hosanna
  • “Nail him” group of people expected Jesus to be overthrowing political authority and rulers
  • They are more interested in worshipping Jesus, than following Jesus
  • Worshipping Jesus as a way of not following Jesus
  • Jesus was not killed by atheism and anarchy. He was brought down by law and order allied with religion, which is always a deadly mix. —Barbara Brown Taylor


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