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The Way of Love: Time

Mark 1:14-20, NRSV


Lord of time fulfilled,
who was not born an angel
but walked the common earth:
with those you called by the lakeside
may we share your mission
to bring good news to all,
to let the world know
that God is among us;
through Jesus Christ, the one who reigns.

— Steven Shakespeare, Prayers for an Inclusive Church

  • Guest Preacher: Diana Butler Bass
  • Sense of day and time is a bit lost during the pandemic; temporal dislocation
  • Major theme of the gospel of Mark: The Way
  • “The time is fulfilled”; time has something to do with The Way
    • Be aware of when time is fulfilled, keeping track of time by having seasonal holy days; “time is near”
    • Keep in mind of purpose of time: history; it becomes meaningless, historically dislocated, when there is a loss of time of peace, justice, harmony
    • when people were misled with distorted purpose, it gives people a sense of misguided meaning
    • the difference of preaching from a true prophet than a false prophet: the Way of Love, not a way of power, not a way of dissatisfaction
    • Love sometimes upsets empire, upsets injustice
    • the time is at hand: Jesus invites us to join the way of Love


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