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Those Who Dream… Will Not Keep Silent

Luke 2:22-40, NRSV


Then perhaps there is a third kind of loss—the loss that comes when you notice the limits of your knowledge of God, when you feel bereft of guidance, when you feel the loss of God’s saving power or of God’s grace. This feeling of loss is really a way of noting, and mourning, God’s hiddenness. This is the loss you name when you ask why God does not answer your prayers. It is the loss entailed when you realize that Jesus is more mysterious and more inscrutable than you had at first understood.

— Lauren F. Winner, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

  • Simeon and Anna — spent their whole lives hoping and waiting
  • Simeon learned to listen to God, and Holy Spirit rested on him, before even there was Pentecost
  • Anna lived as a widow for a long time, living through decades of social upheaval with different rulers, but still hoping and waiting

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