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Treasure in Clay Jars

2 Corinthians 4:5-15, NRSV
Matthew 5:13, NRSV


Whenever we deny that we’re wounded, we prepare the perfect breeding ground for bitterness, anger, cynicism, coldness, and rage. When we don’t recognize and accept our wounds and frustrations, we easily grow cold, grow hard, and toughen our skins, minds, and hearts. We turn away in bitterness from what’s soft and life giving to what’s hard so as to put a protective shell over our wounded pride. It seems the only way to preserve ourselves.
But there’s another option — grieving, mourning, tears. We can mourn our losses and cry the kind of tears that rip open our feelings of security and safety and bring us face to face with the painful truth that we are broken, not whole, disappointed, and unable to actualize our dreams. When we grieve, we soften, rather than harden, our hearts in the face of loss and humiliation.

— Ronald Rolheiser

  • Life of Intentionality
  • v5-6: Face of Christ is face of victim from violence
  • Standing along side with the victims, in solidarity
  • Living in life of generosity to others

  • Life of Honesty and Humility
  • Clay jars – never perfect in shape

  • Life of Trust in God’s Bigger Story
  • v13-15: because of resurrection, that death is not the final word

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