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The Gift of Life Together

2 Corinthians 2:1-17, NRSV


People take time. But in our haste, we size them up or cut them down to what we take to be a more manageable size, labeling people instead of trying to hear, understand or welcome them. And we love our labels as ourselves even as they don’t — and can’t — do justice to the complexity of our own lived lives or anyone else’s. It’s as if we’ll do anything to avoid the burden of having to think twice.”

— David Dark

  • We all have God-size hole in our hearts
  • We also have man-size hole in our hearts
  • Paul knows the challenge of life together, but also the gift of life together

  • The Challenge
  • The moment we think we have figured out someone, relationship with that person tends to go downhill
  • Relationship of any kind is work
  • Tears as attachment behavior

  • To Paul, pain is part of gift
  • Pain/sorrow, forgiveness, deeper form of pain
  • Old New Yorker article by Richard O. Boyer, on Duke Ellington and his band in working out a collective arrangement, with sound sometimes clashing in the process

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