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The Cross and Wisdom

Isaiah 29:13-14, NRSV
1 Corinthians 1:18-25, NRSV


In terms of human wisdom, Jesus was a perfect fool. And if you think you can follow him without making something like the same kind of fool of yourself, you are laboring not under the cross, but a delusion.

— Frederick Buechner

  • We are not looking at life thru the lens of the cross

  • “Anti-cross” wisdom of humanity
  • v20 – The “wise”, the “scribe”, the “debater” of this age
  • Human’s ultimate truth is power, as Pilate thought he had over Jesus
  • If the cross is not making you humble, you are not getting the message of the cross

  • Wisdom of God
  • Crucifixion is what we do to God
  • The Cross is god’s reply
  • To regain the vision of the beauty of the cross
  • You can’t think your way out of your destructive pattern

  • Journey with Jesus
  • What you think of God is what is driving your life

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