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A Song in the Desert

Deuteronomy 5:1-6; 6:4-9, NRSV
Mark 12:28-31, NRSV


What I have called repetition in the Bible might most accurately be called rhythm: a carefully shaped set of recurrent stories and words that when studied closely erupts with meaning. The repetition I have in the past considered to be merely mechanical, merely tragic, or merely incantatory I now consider to be transformative: A work of art. A song. An ordered repetition that provides the underlying beat on which we may play out the varied notes of our own unique, improvised, musical conversation with God.

— Judith M. Kunst

  • For 40 years in the desert, Israelites wait for God to speak
  • The song refresh Israelites’ souls
  • Whatever we understand about God is not God
  • God speaks to Israelites during their darkest time

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