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The Limp of Jacob

Genesis 32:22-32, NRSV
John 16:20-22, NRSV
2 Corinthians 12:10, NRSV


If there is such a thing as human perfection, it seems to emerge precisely from how we handle the imperfection that is everywhere, especially our own. What a clever place for God to hide holiness, so that only the humble and earnest will find it! A ‘perfect’ person ends up being one who can consciously forgive and include imperfection rather than one who thinks he or she is totally above and beyond imperfection. It becomes sort of obvious once you say it out loud. In fact, I would say that the demand for the perfect is the greatest enemy of the good. Perfection is a mathematical concept, goodness is a beautiful human concept that includes us all.

— Richard Rohr,
Falling Upward

  • Story of a nation
  • Story of transformation
  • Israel to understand their relationship with God, how Israel got its name
  • Struggling, wrestling, questioning with God
  • Be blessed and broken, so then to be blessings to others

  • Purpose of life is not to win, it’s not a game, but to love
  • We all need and long for deep blessings
  • There will be pain, but there will be rejoicing

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