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Psalms: Songs for All of Life

Psalm 27: 1-6, NRSV


Confronted with the mystery of god, the creature must be silent; not merely for the sake of being silent, but for the sake of hearing. Only to the extent that it attains silence, can it attain to hearing. But, again, it must be silent not merely for the sake of hearing, but for that of obeying. For obedience is the purpose and goal of hearing.

— Karl Barth, hurch Dogmatics, II.2

  • What we long for VS What we live in
  • In the World, in Confidence, in Hope
  • The World we long for (v1)
  • Triumph, fearless, in stronghold of the Lord
  • The World we live in (v2 and 12)
  • the violence that breathe out challenges our worldview
  • The Confidence we long for (v5)
  • Hiding emotionally and physically in God
  • Feeling safe in God’s Rock
  • The Confidence we live in (v4)
  • Not just the knowledge of safety, but also the experience of safety in order to see the beauty of God
  • The Hope we long for
  • The hope we live in (v14)
  • Waiting
  • Beauty and pain and sadness can be all wrapped together

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