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The Story of God: The Faithful One

Romans 1:1-17, NRSV


The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate sign that our salvation comes only when we cease trying to interpret Jesus’ story in the light of our history, and instead we interpret ourselves in the light of his.

— Stanley Hauerwas
The Peaceable Kingdom

  • Gospel is good becase:
  • Gospel is news, not advice
  • Gospel is transformative, not exhausting
  • Gospel is accessible, not impossible
  • News, not advice
  • Good news about God’s victory
  • His promise has come true
  • If it is advice, we might “shurg”, “bug” (anger), or “smug” (like Pharisee)
  • Transformative, not exhausting
  • Gospel is about God being faithful, about God fulfilling His promise
  • With resurrection, Gospel transforms Paul
  • Accessible, not impossible
  • Basis of our lives is not based on our own feelings or our thinking
  • It is based on God’s faithfulness, based on what God has done
  • Question for us: How do we respond?
  • We respond in faith
  • Transformation is already yours – Chuck DeGroat

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