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The Story of God: Mission

Acts 13:1-3; 14:8-20, NRSV


No culture is so advanced and so superior that it can claim exclusive access or advantage to the truth of God, and none so marginal that it can be excluded. All have merit; none is indispensable. The ethical monotheism Christianity inherited from Judaism accords value to culture but rejects cultural idolatry, which makes Bible translation more than a simple exercise in literalism.

— Lamin Sanneh

  • Christmas is when God will be with us
  • Easter is when we will be with God
  • The story of Promise and Fulfillment
  • Promise from Old Testament
  • Gospel speaks to every culture; the center of Gospel is free and full of justification
  • v15: Not getting the Gospel
  • It is not our devotion, not with sacrifices, not rituals
  • It is our faith

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