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The Story of God: Transfiguration

Matthew 16:24-17:8, NRSV


Behind all things
behind the grey surface
there is a glory escaping
born of heaven
and belongs to heaven
a light that welcomes
a more profound way of seeing things
that transfigures the world
that casts a spell of hope
that sees the glory in the cross
and life within death
it is a glory
that meets us here
on this mountain
where Jesus Christ
covered in the dust of the world
is caught up in the glory of heaven
welcome to the mountain

— by Rev. Roddy Hamilton

  • Peter avoids the cross
  • Thinking all the glory he sees is sign of God coming to take over the world
  • Listen to Jesus
  • Because of who He is (v17:5) “Listen to Him”
  • Because of what He teaches; Jesus’ message is more important than Moses’ Laws
  • Because of His mission

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